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Online Campaigns AA4SJ

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Millions of Nigerians Raise an Amber Alert 4 Social Justice - These are series of online media campaigns on social justice issues seeking to raise awareness and fundraise for support to tackle social justice issues at a national scale through policy advocacy and attidudinal change as well as provide legal support to victims. These campaigns serves as mediums to get as many people involved in promoting the values of scoial justice.

Facebook Photo-Collaboration Against Sexual Violence/Harassment

photo collarboration campaign sexual violence

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It invloves individuals and coorporate entities making statement regarding pressing social justice issues and uploading pictures/videos statements online. You can get the Amber Alert pictures for engagement via our facebook/twitter platforms. Videos can also be uploaded via You-Tube(Subscribe) and any of the social media platforms.

Donate & Support the Cause online or offline as follows:

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For offline donations choose any of the following options:

Cheque to NULAI NIGERIA LTD/GTE: {Call 092900609; 08037877095; 08108448873; 08028402277}

GTBank SMSTransfer: for Gurante Trust Bank Account holders
Dail *737*1*AMOUNT*0125112478

Bank transfer/Deposit:                
Zenith Bank:-
Account Number -1011306178                                                       
Guranty Trust TBank:-
Account Number - 0125112478


Coorporate Registration/Sponsorship
We encourage organizations to engage the Amber Alert as a key corporate scoial responsibility as a civil and just society paves way for thriving business environment. We welcome all support and have put together sponsorship packages which can also be customised to your preference to ensure the success of the campaign. In addition, publicity can be incorporated with organization’s ongoing advertisements or publicity programmes.


View Coorporate Registration/Sponsorship Packages


We look forward to your assistance and if you require any other information feel free to contact us on 08108447783 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1 million Rasie an Amber Alert

1 million Rasie an Amber Alert

Amber Alert Statements

Amber Alert statements

Dance for Social Justice

 Dance for Sj

NSUK AMber Alert Run

 NSUK AMber Alert Run

NSUK Running for Justice

 NSUK Running for justice

Power bike for Social Justice

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Poll Session

Is Sexual Harassment/Violence in Nigerian Higher Institutions on the increase?

Yes - 65.4%
No - 7.7%
Maybe - 15.4%
Not aware - 3.8%

Total votes: 26
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 31, 2016

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